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Past Wine and Words Authors

PicMonkey 2013.jpg

Our debut year of Wine and Words in 2013 was one that set the bar high.  With the incredible line up of authors like William Kent Krueger, Sandra Brannan, Sarah Pekkanen, Wendy Webb and our Awesome MC, Lorna Landvik we jumped in.  Our goal was 100 guests at this first year event and we closed it at 180.  The amazing guests and author mix were above and beyond our expectations. 

PicMonkey 2014.jpg

2014 brought another amazing line up with:  Barbara Claypole White, Randy Susan Meyers, Nicole Helget, Benjamin Percy and Catherine McKenzie with our MC Lorna Landvik.  We sold out our venue with 220 guests and began looking for a larger venue to host 2015.

PicMonkey 2015.jpg

2015 brought us to Grandview Lodge where we could have 400 attendees.  Our line up consisted of:  William Kent Krueger, Nadia Hashimi, Peter Geye, Erica Spindler, and Kathleen Mccleary.  For the thirds year we were once again thrilled to have Lorna Landvik as our MC, and for our third year - we sold out again.

PicMonkey 2016.jpg

2016 we were once again at Grandview Lodge, this time with:  Joshilyn Jackson, Brian Freeman, Helen Klein Ross,  Allen Eskens, and Gerry Schmidt/ AKA Laura Childs.  Lorna Landvik #EventGlue was our MC.  We had another sold out event.  

PicMonkey 2017.jpg

2017 at Grandview Lodge:  Kao Kalia Yang, Peter Geye, Wendy Web, Edward Mccleland, Abby Fabiaschi and Lorna Landvik were our line up.  Again, a sold out event, now within weeks of tickets going live.


2018 brought a game-changer.  We changed our event to two days- a dinner and a brunch the next afternoon to accommodate all who wish to attend.  Our main dinner sold out within 9 days and the depot brunch had 200 people.  Crazy to think the brunch brought in more people as a luncheon than our first-year event had.  Our amazing line up was:  Heather Gudenkauf, Matt Goldman, J Courtney Sullivan, William Kent Krueger, and Liam Callanan along with the incredible Lorna Landvik, back for her 6th year as our MC.  

2019 Year in review.jpg

2019 we again offered a two-day event - that sold out in 19 days from the offering of tickets.  We hosted authors Kristina McMorris, Allen Eskens, Randy Susan Meyers, Cary Griffith, and Christina Dalcher.  Unfortunately, Christina had a medical emergency and was unable to attend, however, her books at our book table still sold very well.  Our amazing Lorna Landvik (author, comedian, all around wonder) was again our Master of Ceremonies.

2021 2.png

2020 brought the year of uncertainty.  We moved forward with scheduling the event and the authors believing we would be able to have the event come fall as planned.  This was not the case.  With COVID limitations and unknowns we instead changed the event to a virtual one with the help of one of our authors, Jenna Blum.  We ran this event as two days, an evening, and a morning option.  All of our authors graciously agreed to this change.  We were thrilled to have Julie Schumacher, Jenna Blum, Kelly Harm, Kaira Rouda, Lorna Landvik (MC), and J Ryan Stradel. 

2021 Line up a.png
2021 b.png

2021 changed all the rules.  Now with new guidelines in place for how many people could be in a room as well as the fact we wanted to acknowledge our guest's comfort level for attending, we changed the event by limiting the attendance to 200 per day and added a third day to the event.  Yes - three days in a row - Wednesday and Thursday evening events and a Friday later morning event.  All three sold out and our Authors had a blast.
Sheila O'Conner was on the Author list and had to cancel the week of the event and was graciously replaced with author Frank Weber.
We had Fiona Davis, Juliette Fay, William Kent Krueger, Greer Macallister, Frank Weber, and our wonderful MC and Author, Lorna Landvik.  




2022 with restrictions mostly off and the interest in Wine and Words high, we decided to continue the 3-day event.  With a great lineup for our first big year since 2019, we were thrilled to have Laurie Frankel, Bruce Holsinger, Adriana Trigiani, Nikolas Butler, Amy Poeppel, and our MC Lorna Lanvik with us for this exciting year.  
Adriana sadly had to drop off from the in-person event at the last minute, however, kindly ZOOMED with us each day of the three-day event.


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