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The Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library Book Sale is open to the public on Tuesdays from 9 am to 3 pm for both shopping and donations of your gently used books.*  We welcome your contributions to gently used books, audiobooks, puzzles, and DVDs.  Please see the below description of what we accept.  By paying attention to what we accept you help us create the used book experience that keeps people of all ages coming back time and again.  You can see a more detailed list of what we accept at the bottom of this page.  

Find us in the Westgate Mall across from Tradehome Shoes. 


Most books are 50 cents and children's book are just a quarter - that's quite a sale!

We reserve the right to close early as well as change the hours of operation for any reason.  A dedicated team of volunteers generously offer their time and talents towards our Book Sale, working diligently to process the donated books to offer a new experience every time you visit!

Questions?  Feel free to email the book team at:
*Note that the availability of items can change quickly.  

Thank you to the Westgate Mall for the generous space!
The Friends of the Brainerd Public Library usually has two large event book sales in the Spring and in the Fall.

We accept your gently used books at the Westgate Mall drop-off location on Tuesdays from 9 am to 3 pm. A team of volunteers sorts through the books and arranges them by category. It truly is a labor of love!  

If you have been to one of our book sales you know we have a clean and organized sale with so many great read choices that our sales raise around $3500-$4000 a sale.

Please note that the Mission of our Book Sale is to offer great reads at great prices to those in our community.  Per our policy of many years, we respectfully request that Book Sellers as well as any persons looking for books to use for resale, do not come to our Tuesday sales to purchase books for resale.  Booksellers may come on the second and/or third day of our larger multi day sales (typically, but not limited to,  A Spring and a Fall Sale)after twelve pm.  We thank you in advance for understanding and honoring this policy.
We will accept the following in gently used condition:
Note that the friends are collecting used books every Tuesday from 9 am to 3 pm. at the book sale located next to Claire's of the Westgate Mall.  
Donations are excepted through the back door on the front side of the mall by Joann Fabrics service door -  look for the Book Sale flag. Please let us know you've arrived by using the buzzer. 

Condition: Please do not donate damaged books with broken bindings, torn/missing pages, excessive highlighting, or notations.  We can not accept books that are soiled, musty, smelly, yellowed pages, moldy with smoke or water damage.  If the books you are donating are books that you would not give to a friend - please do not give them to us.  It is a lot of work for our volunteers to have to dispose of books that can not be sold when they are not up to the standards of our sales.  We appreciate your understanding.
  • Adult & Young Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction books, Hard and Softcover

  • Hardcover Fiction and Non-Fiction 

  • Classics in Good Condition

  • Children: Chapter, Picture, Board Books, Hard or Softcover

  • Time-Limited/Relevant:  Medical, Financial, Business, Travel Guidebooks, Computer, Religion Faith-Based, Self Help

  • Media: CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Books on CD

  • Gently Used Complete Puzzles and Games      

  • Materials in great shape that you would buy at a book sale for yourself, your family or to gift.

We do not accept:

- Condensed Books        - Encyclopedias        - Harlequin        - Magazines       - Textbooks                                         - Cassette Tapes              - Video Tapes            - Non-Commercially Produced Media             - Pamphlets

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