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What is Battle Of The Books?


Our debut year is set and sign-up is now closed with over 400 kids between 2nd and 7th grade participating! Read on to find out more about this event.

Free books? YES! Readers will be given a set of four thought-provoking stories which will transport them to new places, meet unique people, and see different perspectives. The “Battle Books” will be distributed the first week of June during the sign-up for the Brainerd Public Library’s summer reading program. 


Author visits? YES! As they read, students will be invited to come to the library throughout the summer to not only discuss the books with other participants but meet all four of the authors who wrote them.


Prizes & food? YES! We know it’s hard to come inside on a nice summer day, and while amazing stories and authors are totally worth it, prizes & treats sweeten the pot! Participants will receive snacks and beverages at every event and will be eligible to win prizes like waterpark passes, restaurant gift cards, movie tickets, etc


T-shirts? YES! On Wednesday, August 16th, the readers will get together for an end-of-summer party. At the party they will talk about Pencilvania, with the book’s author, Stephanie Watson, eat great food, be given a t-shirt, and be placed on a team. The teams will then prepare for September’s Battle of the Books!


A “Battle”? YES!  After school, on Tuesday, September 12th, readers will demonstrate their book knowledge through battles! Family and friends are welcome to attend the team-based, Kahoot competition at Forestview Middle School where the readers will work together, have fun, and win prizes!


More Prizes? YES! More prizes… and most importantly, MORE books.

Battle of the Books in The News:

Brainerd Dispatch March 31, 2023

Lakeland News March 30, 2023

Battle Of The Books Begins in Brainerd, May 28th, 2023

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