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What is being said about Wine and Words...

Her Voice Magazine February 2016


"Events like Wine and Words prove that we are a community of readers who value the written word and admire the authors who give us the stories..."

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Author Kathleen McCleary  August 24th 2015
Thank YOU. I loved being part of Wine and Words—I honestly think
it's the most fun (and best audience) I've ever had at an author event. I
loved the Grandview Lodge and the chance to see that part of Minnesota. I
loved meeting the other authors, hearing their terrific talks and (now)
reading their books. And I loved the chance to connect with readers—some,
serious, avid readers, I might add—at the event.  Again, thanks so much for including me.




Author Lorna Landvik  August 22nd 2015
Wine and Words is such a fun — as well as inspiring — event and I’m always so happy to take part in it.
I hope the Grandview Lodge will be W&W’s permanent home; it’s a lovely venue.
Kudos to you, Gail and all who make W&W such a memorable event.




Author Peter Geye  August 24th, 2015


I had a great time! Especially hanging out with everyone after the event and getting a chance to chat.

Thanks so much for including me. It was truly an honor. Here's to seeing you all again soon.

Author William Kent Krueger  August 23rd, 2015


Friends of the Brainerd Public Library,


What a pleasure it was to be a part of Wine and Words this year.  It has, indeed, grown into the grand event I believe you always imagined.  I can't recall ever attending a better organized or more enjoyable celebration of the written word.

Going forward, if you ever would like my company at the event again, I'm all yours.

Author Erica Spindler  September 22, 2015


Hi Friends!
What an amazing event Wine and Words was! Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and the event itself so beautifully orchestrated.  I hope you’ve recovered!  Thank you for including me.


Author Barbara Claypole White August 25th, 2014


Thank you for a fabulous event!  It was fabulous!  Can not recommend it enough to authors lucky enough to be invited in 2015!

Author Randy Susan Meyers August 25th, 2014


Wow! If this is what happens in Minnesota, I'm wondering what I'm doing staying in Boston. Truly, I could not be more impressed by the passion shown by the Friends of the Library, by all the volunteers, by the library staff who I was lucky enough to sit with at dinner. And, I got to meet so many wonderful writers whose work I so admire. Thank you for inviting me to speak.


Writer Mary Aalgaard August 23th, 2014


Last night was the 2nd annual Wine and Words event for the Brainerd Public Library. I was a guest at the Blue Cottage Agency table with some fun friends, who are library/word geeks just like me! Lorna Landvik was once again our MC, and she does a tremendous job. She’s funny, personable, and a great writer, too. Her newest book, Best to Laugh, comes out September 15, 2014, and I will be sure to ask for it for Christmas, as it misses my birthday by almost 10 days. 


Author Nicole Lea Helget August 25th, 2014


I was so impressed by the venue and turnout and readers. What an enormous compliment to your library and community and education system. I can't wait to come back as a listener, so I can chill out with a glass (or seven) of wine. Congratulations on your success, and thank you, thank you for loving writers and books.


Author William Kent Krueger August 26th, 2013


Dear Friends of The Brainerd Public Library,


What a marvelous time at Wine and Words!  I can't tell you enough how impressed I was with the planning, organization, and follow-through on this event.  It so far exceeded my expectations.  Kudos to you and your cohorts!


If you want me in the future, just holler.


Author Lorna Landvik August 26th, 2013

Hi Friends,
Hope you've been able to take a breath and relax now that the event's
over.  Just wanted to thank you for having me emcee your debut Wine & Words.
I had a lovely time, before, during and afterwards!
I enjoyed meeting you and sharing stories and pizza post-event.

Wine and Words Event
Barbara Best August 24, 2013

Hello Sheila!! I attended Wine and Words last night - what a fabulous event!!!!!  I can hardly wait until next year! Thank you so much for making this event happen!!!! I didn't officially get to meet you but we did speak a couple of times! I would love to get together sometime and talk books!!

Facebook Mention to our 2014 Authors:

Author Wendy Webb, February 2014


Your authors are fortunate to be a part of this great event!

Hey Busy Lady!

Author Sandra Brannan, February 2014



Thank YOU for including me in your inaugural bash!!


Hey Brainerd Friends!

Author Sarah Pekkanen February 2014



"I had a wonderful time at this beautifully organized and well-attended event. A room full of book lovers, good food and wine, and terrific conversation - including lots of funny and fascinating behind-the-scenes revelations from the authors speaking at the podium - all added up to a fun and festive night."

Friends Of The Library to Host First Wine And Words Benefit

Brainerd Dispatch August 16th, 2013

If there is one thing Sheila DeChantal is convinced of — it’s that books change lives.

“Books aren’t dead yet,” DeChantal said. “I’m a huge reader ­— I’ve always been a reader.”

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Lakes Country Journal June/July 2016


Wine and Words pairs the love of social gatherings, good food, and amazing books with as opportunity to support the many programs of the Brainerd Public Library. For many the idea of pure happiness is an evening filled with good friends, fabulous Wine, fascinating authors, and many wonderful books.

Author Joshilyn Jackson, August 2016


Thank you for a GREAT event.  It was so nice to meet you all!

Author Brian Freeman, August 2016


Thank you so much for a wonderful event!  We really enjoyed it!  Looking forward to seeing you again in the future! 

Author Allen Eskens, August 2016


This event was so well executed and so well attended.  What a treasure Wine and Words and the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library are to the community.  Thank you so much for a memorable event.

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