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We proudly work with a wonderful group of professionals who have supported us greatly in bringing Wine and Words from a few gushing thoughts on paper to reality.  We can not thank them enough for their enormous generosity and sharing of the vision of what Wine and Words can be for our community. 

The Venue


Brown Design

A special thank you to Christy Tobin of Brown Design for her creation of our logo.  You rock!!!

Grandview Lodge

A gushing appreciation to Grandview Lodge for their generous sponsorship of venue and room accommodations for our guest authors.

The Wine
Allegra Marketing

Thank you to Ron of Allegra Marketing for sponsoring the printing of our event tickets and table booklet.

Cash Wise Liquor

Wine and Words would truly be missing something if it did not have the generous support of Mark and his staff at Cash Wise Liquor.  Thank you for your generous donation of the wine during our social time and the 50 wine bottles for our Wine Table.

Community Sponsorship
Mills Auto Group

Thank you to Mills Auto for their continued generous support of our event. 


The Books
Beagle and Wolf

Thank you to Beagle and Wolf Bindery out of Park Rapids that brings to us the books to sell at Wine and Words.

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